dziadekHistory of our orchard has begun a long time ago, in 20th of may 1975. In that year my parents, Elżbieta and Krzysztof has bought 3,63 ha of ground nearby Strzelce Krajeńskie. Since that moment they have started to administrate this place. In that moment I was 14-years old. From very begining I started my adventure with fruit-farming. 

With my very thiny participation (I was young) the parcel of land was fenced, first building were placed and first trees were planted.. Between the raws on 3,00 square a strawberrys plantation was placed, which was used for 5 years. In the next years my parents have bought next parcels, which were planted with new fruit trees. Orchard has been grwoing and in 1999 it has got 10 ha square. In that year my parents decided to hand over their parcels to two sons - Mirosław and Waldemar. Land was divided and hand overed. Since that moment I am the owner of 5 ha square ground of orchard. In 2000 year a new warehouse has been built up with three cooling chambers and place for sorting with a capacity of 250 tons of fruits.Image In 2002 I have bought next 5,00 ha of groun where apples and cherrys were planted and irrigation system were developed. What is more, cooling deviced were installed in the next chamber in the warehouse. All this activities were conducted with SAPARD program, which refunded the 50% of all investments. 

All activitys after 1999 were hanged out thanks to the big effort and help of my parents, whose using theirs expirence and long-term practice supported me and still assistance me during my activitys. The tradition was and stiil is to pay attention on high quality of our products, good brand, honest and to make surname Surma was connotationed directly with that.